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I’m an diversity and inclusion educator who’s ready to tailor make any training about privilege, microaggressions, masculinity, and other diversity for your organization. As an educator I will establish objectives and create sessions that engage people based on a variety of learning styles and get people thinking critically. Within the context of social justice education we have to understand that systemic cultural pressures are directly related to how we understand ourselves, each other, and the institutions, organizations, and society that we live and work within. Using this framework, I create learning opportunities for participants to engage in discussions about power, privilege, and oppression.

Let me know what objectives you have for your organization and I will create a plan for a speaking engagement or workshop in order to meet your needs. In addition to custom tailoring sessions, I have training sessions that I’ve already planned and facilitated:

Box of Masculinity

This interactive program is designed to challenge men and masculine folks to rethink their relationship with masculine traits by recognizing the negative impacts that trap men and masculine folks into behaving in ways that limits our full humanity.

Gender Box

Similar to Man In A Box, but we explore ways in which gender expectations limit our ability to be our true selves and how we can challenge traditional gender expectations within ourselves, our organization, and our culture.

Unearned & Unwanted: A conversation on privilege

Participants engage with their privileges through dialogue and presentation designed to provide examples of the privileges that people experience. We talk through how we address what these privileges mean for us in our lives and what we need to do with our new (or renewed) awareness.

Brave Spaces

This action planning workshop is designed for students to create a vision they have for a positive social change they can make in the world. We examine examples of people and organizations across the world who are taking an active role in creating social change.

My Culture Is…

Sometimes it’s easy for people with privilege to be oblivious to the culture in which we all live. This workshop is designed to make the invisible visible so that we can understand the ways in which our cultures shape us.

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