Portfolio, finally!

One of my goals when I repurposed this domain last year was to post some of my accomplishments over the course of my graduate program that reflect who my professional identity. I finally got that page to the point where I wanted to share it today.

I have some of my accomplishments with RA Training, three presentations, one activity, my resumé, and some academic posters that I created for my study lounge. I think they all reflect a part of my professional identity and I’m proud of them.

Recently, there have been lots of #sachat folks creating new blogs for themselves and adding their perspective to the web. I think the next logical progression is for people to begin sharing their work and have a digital footprint of their own professional identities to go along with their perspectives on different topics.


I’ve given the TwentyTen theme a little refresh here on aaronhood.net. I went with a minimal approach and worked out some of the colors based on some inspiration from Kuler.

Next on the to-do list with the site is update my resume and my portfolio to have it all available here. While also pointing to my LinkedIn account and other resources.

The banner uses Stone Serif font and the tower is the top of Independence Hall in Philadelphia, PA.